RWE, Market Access, Pricing & Reimbursement Global Congress 2022 Europe

Agenda at a Glance

Day 1 - Congress

Day 1: Tuesday 1st March 2022


  • Reforms to National Reimbursement system and pricing processes in Europe
    Updates to Managed Entry and Early Access Pathways
    Greater adoption of Real World Evidence (RWE)
    Increase Cross-Border Collaboration as a potential means of controlling cost
  • What is the potential effect of leaving the EU
  • Understanding the priorities for negotiations
  • Is there a long term solution that provides legal certainty and compliance
  • What are the contingency plans for the Pharmaceutical industry?
  • Understand the impact of RWE decisions on price and market access
  • The shift from RCT to RWE; closing the gap
  • RWE strategies
  • Discuss the role of RWE in understanding and confronting the pandemic
  • Focus on the role of data collection, visualization and communication
  • Recognising differing data generation expectations across various stakeholders
  • Strategise new data collection opportunities in a virtual/remote world

Stream Sessions - Choose between 2 topic streams

Real-World Evidence - Stream Session

MA, Pricing & Reimbursement - Stream Session

  • Understanding the risks & opportunities to both
    payer and industry
  • How does real-world evidence help ensure
    market access?
  • How are patient registries used to generate realworld
    data for rare diseases and orphan drugs
  • Does different stakeholder types have different
  • RWE information needs for decision making?
  • How can manufacturers use data to build an
    effective real-world evidence plan
  • Challenges and barriers to market access across
  • What is the current mood amongst payers?
  • How effective is the market access strategies in
    the current climate?
  • The impact of AMNOG reforms on prices
  • Importance of early benefit assessment
  • Outlook and suggestions
  • Go beyond clinical trial results to make your
    product stand out
  • Build customer advocacy through superior
    customer experience
  • New drug launches today require greater
    coordination across the entire organization

3:50 pm - Afternoon Break & Networking

  • Recent advances in digital and advanced
    analytics for RWE generation
  • What role can it play across the pharma value
  • What does it take to deliver?
  • What are the important aspects involved in
    utilising RWE to support product effectiveness?
  • How can this be used to advance reimbursement
  • Why are PRO measures crucial to optimal market
  • How to properly use PRO effectively to have apositive impact on reimbursement decisions?
  • Identify the main barriers
  • Create new strategies to overcome them
  • Current state of Biosimilars in EU, what future

Networking Drinks Reception

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