Day 1 - Thursday 4th May 2023

9th Market Access, Pricing & Reimbursement Global Congress 2023 Europe

Trends and Strategies to Achieve Optimum Patient Access to Healthcare


  • Trends that will continue to impact, Market Access, Pricing and Reimbursement in healthcare
  • Unlocking data from early access
  • Effective communications with internal and external stakeholders
  • Embracing the digital vision
  • Future trends and developments in the healthcare distribution
  • Looking into increase cross-border collaboration as a potential means of controlling cost
  • Addressing unfair access to medicines
  • Enhancing the drive for greater price transparency
  • Focus on outcomes-based reimbursement and innovative funding mechanisms
  • Current trends in parallel advice: What has changed?
  • Importance of seeking early regulatory, HTA, and joint consultation
  • Risk and advantages of using parallel consultation at the EU or national level?
  • Successful strategies to maximise the benefit of parallel consultation


Santoke Naal, Director Market Access, IGES U.K. Pharma Ltd

  • New landscape for risk-sharing agreements among manufacturer, payer and patients
  • Understand the benefits of a good collaboration between payers and pharma companies to ensure patient access
  • What do the decision-makers on drug usage think today about how the industry is responding to the immense challenges it is facing?
  • Addressing the factors that made the launch environment more challenging
  • Capabilities needed for an effective drug launch
  • How to best leverage outsourced partners to achieve success.
  • Best practices to achieve successful commercialisation.
  • Challenges and obstacles in bringing this highly complex therapies to market
  • Stakeholder collaboration on the road towards a solution
  • Lessons learned and applications for new entrants
  • Strategies that can be taken to improve timely market access and access for patients
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of contractual negotiations
  • The role of real-world evidence
  • How to find the right endpoints for outcome-based agreements
  • Recognize the potential of Personalized Medicine in Oncology / Cancer Patients benefits;
  • Identify challenges which could be encountered during HTA process;
  • Develop strategies to overcome or to remove any barrier for Patient Access to Precision Oncology
  • Latest legislation and impact
  • Market Access at national level
  • Developments at regional level
  • Outlook 2023
  • Overview of current considerations around orphan drug assessment
  • Recent and expected trends around evolution of assessment criteria
  • Anticipated impact on evaluation of orphan drugs in German
  • Overall perception of orphan drug commercial opportunity due to assessment trends
  • Regulatory challenges following Brexit and its effect
  • Steps taken by MHRA to alleviate the effects of leaving the European regulatory network.
  • Understanding the current state of pharmaceutical sector
  • Addressing the priorities for negotiations
  • The ability of UK citizens to access new medications

Networking Drinks Reception

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