Day 2 - Friday 24th May 2024

10th RWE, Market Access, Pricing & Reimbursement Global Congress 2024 Europe

Trends and Strategies to Optimise Value and Patient Access

Hilton London Kensington, London, UK

Josie Godfrey, Co-Founder and CEO, Realise Advocacy


  • Advantages of market access teams in payer relationship
  • Payer evidence requirement in early development
  • Best practices to obtain better pricing and reimbursement
  • Strategies to improve a better payer relationship

Alexander Bastian, VP, Value & Market Access, AM-Pharma

Josie Godfrey, Co-Founder and CEO, Realise Advocacy
Nicki K Catterick, Vice President, Global Value and Access Oncology, IPSEN
Eirini Palaka, Vice President, Global Value & Access, Rare Disease, IPSEN

Robert Mitchell-Thain, CEO, PBC Foundation

  • What are the implications of the new EU HTA procedure?
  • What to expect from Joint Scientific Consultations and Joint Clinical Assessments?
  • How can companies best prepare for JCA, starting 12 January 2025?

Matias Olsen, Senior Manager, Public Affairs & Policy, EUCOPE

  • Access to innovative medicines remains a key issue worldwide
  • Limitations of the some of the initiatives to address this such as the EUnetHTA JCA and the expected change in legislation in Europe
  • How can pharmaceutical companies and health authorities work together to bridge the gap

Stefano Romanelli, Senior Government Affairs, EUCOPE

Sandeep Kiri, Global Head of Health Economics and HTA Evidence, UCB
Matthias Heck, Sr Director, International TA Policy Strategy, Alexion Pharmaceuticals
James Levine, President, Ipsen Foundation 

  • Plasma-derived medicines (PDMPs) are essential for some 300,000 patients across the EU who rely on these therapies every day to treat a variety of rare, chronic, and life-threatening conditions. Without these treatments, many patients would have a substantially diminished quality of life, and some may
    not survive.
  • PDMPs are a finite resource because the manufacture of these medicines is dependent on the amounts of human plasma collected.
  • Using the AIFA CTS Innovation Algorithm and the WHO Framework for Appropriate Medical Use, a broad range of Key Opinion leaders, in the field of immunology, neurology, rheumatology and dermatology, debated about the appropriate use of Immunoglobulins for their patients. The discussion
    was concluded in a Green Paper developed by Vintura.

Maarten Van Baelen, Executive Director, Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association

  • What is happening in Europe vs US
  • Are we seeing an increase in Innovative contracting
  • Where does a value-based contract make sense

Simon Farrow, Global VP of Sales and Business Development, LYFEGEN

  • Looking beyond market access to patient access
  • What patients can bring to access and how to support them
  • Collaborating for success in access

Josie Godfrey, Co-Founder and CEO, Realise Advocacy

  • Rare Diseases landscape
  • Acquisition Trends
  • High failure rate
  • De-risking challenges
  • Identifiable Factors Contribute to Risk
  • Re-Defining Success

James Levine, President, Ipsen Foundation

  • Why and how enterprises should invest into early HEOR and pathway improvement?
  • How AI can impact early HEOR and pathway improvement evaluations: key benefits to the life sciences and medtech industry
  • Case examples from the UK: chronic liver disease, Heart failure and/or Haemophilia

Dr Samir Khan, Founder and Managing Director, Lighthouse Innovations Ltd

  • As innovation brings cancer drugs & curative medicines to the forefront of healthcare systems, how are payers affording to pay for this innovation ?
  • what are the new determinants of value in healthcare, and the geopolitical drivers for value based agreements & innovative contracting ?
  • If the drugs dont work – I want my money back! – access into a global tracker of over 700 innovative contracts from around the globe
  • Who’s shifting the paradigm – adoption curves for those manufacturers leading the way in capabilities for innovative contracting

Esther Nzenza, Founder and CEO, Decisive Consulting Ltd.


Hazel Dawson, Market Access Director, UK & Ireland, Alexion Pharma UK

Dr Samir Khan, Founder and Managing Director, Lighthouse Innovations Ltd
Janek Hendrich, Value Strategies Lead – Oncology, AstraZeneca

  • The importance of making MA the core of the company
  • Bridge between pre-launch strategy and post-launch
  • International Drug Price Indicator Guide WHO
  • Increasing collaboration between EU countries
  • Frontiers in Health Care
  • What will the future bring?


Esther Nzenza, Founder and CEO, Decisive Consulting Ltd.


Josie Godfrey, Co-Founder and CEO, Realise Advocacy
Robert Mitchell-Thain, CEO, PBC Foundation

Josie Godfrey, Co-Founder and CEO, Realise Advocacy 

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